What is required for me to become a Referral Ring member?

Referral Ring is not for every business. However, if you have an email list (especially in an email system we already have integrated), a good social media presence on FaceBook or Twitter, and know that referrals are a good source of new customers for you then you are a good candidate for Referral Ring.

What does it cost to be a part of Referral Ring?

So the cost per member is a minimum of $199/month. There are additional fees that you can pay for more services that we provide and you may also have to create a new email account with MailChimp, Constant Contact, or any other email service we support. Other than that there are no hidden costs associated with using our service.

Will you use my contact list if I connect my email service to Referral Ring?

We only use our email integrations to make it easier for you to send to your own contact list. We don’t allow for sharing of contacts or any use of your contacts that you don’t initiate. In order to keep everything completely clean only the owner of the contact list can use it (though you can use it to send out information on another ring member if you so choose).

Can I buy or sell access to any email contact lists on Referral Ring?

No. We simply don’t allow that. Only the owner of a contact list can use their list. Any email exchanges must be mutual and must be 1 to 1 using our exchange system which guarantees nothing goes out without the list owner’s knowledge.

How often can I do an email exchange?

We only allow email exchanges to be 1 to 1 and limit you to one per month. Why? Because we don’t want you to dilute the value of your email list by over-using them, upsetting people, and having them unsubscribe to your list. If you follow the program, you will maximize your benefit from Referral Ring without the unsubscribe risk. NOTE: it is possible for a ring amin to over-ride that limit if they feel the members of their ring can safely send more emails.

How often can I share something on my social media?

Similar to email we want to encourage you to NOT over-share content from Referral Ring on your pages/accounts. In general 1 per day is a pretty good limit to have in mind. When the system prompts you to share an article we will remind you to be careful to not over-share. Please pay attention to those warnings as they are there to help you maintain the health of your social accounts.

Can I start up my own ring?

Yes, you can apply to setup your own Referral Ring. We will look over your request and see if we have others in your area or business vertical to see if we can help you fill out the members of your ring. We do require a minimum of 12 members before a ring can start.