• Step 1 – Join a Group of Businesses to Get Started

    The first thing to do is join a ring of other businesses that have similar target demographics, complimentary products, or another reason that makes you think your clients will work for them and theirs will work for you. This could be by geography, interests, or other factors that you know makes a prospect likely to become your customer.

  • Step 2 – Leverage Your Collective Customer Base & Audience

    We make it easy for you to be able to share emails and social media posts about each other’s business in a unique way that your customers will appreciate and love. The best part about this is that you are in control of every interaction to make sure that any time your customers see another offer you can tell them why they should consider it.

  • Step 3 – Share Offers & Content From Your Ring

    Work with the other businesses in your ring to produce emails, articles, videos and other types of content that will be meaningful to your customers and their customers. Let them see the value that the other business provides and then work with that business to offer them a deal they can’t get anywhere else. Why? Because they are a VIP!

  • Step 4 – Grow Your Businesses Together With Your Ring

    According to the latest Gallop Poll of small business owners friend referrals is more than two times likely to drive business growth (new customers) over any form of traditional advertising. With Referral Ring for the first time you can not only get friend referrals from your clients but from other ring members as well.

What Types of Organizations Could Benefit from a Ring?

Neighborhood Businesses

If your local area doesn’t have a chamber of commerce or networking groups that you can join. You may have to do some “gorilla” marketing to find businesses to join your ring. You probably already go door-to-door handing out point of sale brochures or deals & coupons. With Referral Ring you can now offer an even easier way to work with your neighboring businesses.

Networking Groups

There are thousands of networking groups around the world that meet for lunches, mixers and other events with the sole purpose of developing a referral network. You will usually find businesses that are very motivated and that would make excellent Referral Ring members attending these events. One such networking organization is BNI but there are many others.

Chamber of Commerce

Being a member of your local chamber of commerce is always a great idea. It allows the community to become more aware of you and also gives you a chance to talk to other businesses on a regular basis. Referral Ring can help make your membership more effective as when you meet another business that you want to work with and send reciprocal referrals to, you can now invite them to Referral Ring where we make it easy to act on that desire to work together.

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